Global Financial Crisis


With the global financial crisis and the meltdown in the US sub-prime mortgages, real estate prices in the US have plunged more than 50% below market value. Such widespread real estate drops have not been seen anywhere since the Great Depression of the 1930s. This provides a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in US real estate at below market values. The foreclosure crisis has also created a very high demand for rental of single family homes, as people have lost their houses due to their inability to pay mortgages. With demand for quality homes being very high, rental incomes provide a safe, steady return for investors till the market improves in a few year’ time. At that time the value of these homes will have increased and can be sold for substantial returns. 

IMAS recognizes an opportunity under these circumstances to provide unique investment prospects. As the economy recovers, these initially below fair market value purchased properties will prove to be high-return investments, much more robust than the stock market. Even while waiting for the market to improve and cash in profits, investors can see consistent cash flows coming in. With ready-to-rent properties and unbeatable prices, the time is now to invest with IMAS!

US Housing Market


The US housing market is facing unprecedented challenges, however it is an optimal time for profitable opportunities through planned real estate investments. With the collapse of the housing market, investment options have opened up for buyers looking for stable, consistent income, growth potential and high returns for their investments. In some states, foreclosed properties are presently selling at 40-50% below fair market value. Due to the lack of mortgage credit availability and either static or declining home prices, a lot of Americans have been displaced from their homes by the foreclosure process, forcing them to rent, creating an unprecedented rental demand. Investors can acquire these foreclosed properties at discounted prices and wait out the time needed for the market to bounce back by renting out and earning a stable income, all the while looking forward to substantial returns when they are ready to sell.   


The Opportunity


This is the optimum time to invest in a home in the U.S with consistent growth potential and increasingly strong rental demand. A homeownership society is now becoming a renters' society and there is a high return potential for investors with the right information to make money in this market. A strong rental market provides immediate positive cash flow (rental income minus expenses of home ownership).

These properties can be rented out immediately or quite soon (if renovations are needed) upon buying as the whole process of acquiring the property, renovating, vetting renters, and property management can be taken care of by IMAS. This is done by discussing each investor's individual needs and requirements - their investment goals, long term financial goals, etc. With IMAS taking care of all the backend work, investors can sit back and see their investments increase in value without the hassle of managing either the process or the properties.

Property investment is made simple, affordable and accessible for everyone!